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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

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Price:$3,850 USD per MT
Moisture: 11%
Shelf Life: 12 month
Rate of Defect: 7.0%MAX
Maturity: Good Maturity
Processing: Dry Method
Additional Ingredient: null
Brand: Volcanica Coffee
Beans: Arabica
Origin: Ethiopia
Type: Single origin
Tasting notes: light body, with complex fruit and floral notes
Aroma: earthy, with cinnamon and strawberry undertones
Recommended brew style: Drip and Pour Over

WhatsAPP :  +254 752 101638

MOQ:  1 metric ton

Loading: 20' FCL (19.2 metric tons)

Shipment Within 20 days after receiving the FIRST deposit payment

Certificates weight and quality/Fumigation/C/O/phytosanitary provided by a third party (Cafecontrol/Vinacontrol/Davidcontrol

Ethiopian Harrar - 1lb

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian coffees represent the epitome of the coffee tasting for many. Harrar region, which is on the Eastern side of Ethiopia, produces some of the most fascinating coffees in the world. Ethiopian Harrar large coffee beans carry an intense flavor of tropical fruit and blueberries with smooth chocolate notes. You will find Ethiopian Harrar coffee to have a rich body, room-filling aroma, crisp finish with pleasant acidity.

Characteristic berry flavor and chocolate notes

Aromatic, heavenly rich body, crisp finish and pleasant acidity

Roast Height: our Roast master has selected a light-medium roast for this coffee to bring out the best flavor

What does Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee taste like?

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They may have hints of cherry, grape, lime, and peach. Their natural process gives them an earthy taste. If beans aren't dried correctly, they develop a sour taste and become too brittle to roast. Yirgacheffe beans are often wasted due to poor natural processing.

Is Yirgacheffe the best coffee?

The Verdict. For me, the best Ethiopian coffee is Volcanica's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. This full-bodied, medium roasted coffee has a beautiful flavor profile, with delectable notes of strawberry, pineapple guava, and dark chocolate. It's organic and fair trade, too, both of which add even more value to the coffee.