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Dried sea limpets for sale & Dried Abalone


Dried sea limpets and dried abalone, cleaned and ungutted, dry limpets and abalone tottaly cleaned and cooked and dried. The abalone and limpets have 20% of conch’s taurine and double the beef’s taurine. Taurine is known to protect the liver and bowls, help you recover from fatigue, protect the eye sight from getting worse, and prevent myocardial infarction. Taurine is a type of an amino acid and found in the white powder on the surface of dried abalone. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level in the blood and improves liver and heart. Dried abalone and dried limpets are rich in minerals such as vitamin, calcium, and phosphorous, so they are good for postnatal care and skin care. Dried abalone and dried limpets are used to cure diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypercholesterol in oriental medicine. Dried abalone and dried limpets have anti-bacterial effect, reduce the risk of cancer, improve immune system and body’s nutrition, prevent skin from aging, and strengthen kidney.

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