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Exporter of Kenya/Ethiopia Green Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans  

Kenya sells Arabica and Robusta coffee beans through licensed marketing agents and exporters for around $5–6 per kilogram. After roasting, Kenyan Arabica coffee is sold to consumers for an average of $40 per kilogram.  Coffee Beans for sale in Kenya


Gloogal Market Group Limited is registered and incorporated under the Company's Act in the Laws of Kenya. We are licensed under the Coffee Directorate Crops Act, 2013 and the Coffee (Forms) Rules, 2002 as a licensed coffee dealer and exporter in Kenya.

Eagle Crown Coffee Limited was founded in June 2016 as an exporting company for coffees. We also promote farmers by providing advanced farming technologies to ensure production of high-quality coffee that's of great value.

With well over thirty years of experience in the Coffee industry coupled with quality control, passion and commitment to service, Gloogal Market Group founders empower clients by providing coffees that ensure their product sales remain high.

Business Concepts:

Through a business model that is geared towards easy access and convenience for our customers, Gloogal Market Group Coffee has evolved to become a trusted coffee dealer and exporter of Kenyan/Ethiopia green Arabica coffee.

Our business model has continued to earn global recognition in terms of coffee quality assurance, friendly sales contracts, and timely delivery of shipments. Since the incorporation of Gloogal Market Group Ltd, we have shipped large volumes of green coffee beans from Kenya to multiple countries around the world.


Once Coffee has been bought, payment must be made  within a grace period of seven days. The prices are in US Dollars per 50KG. Payment is either by cash or funds wired to Gloogal Market Group Ltd through respective bank account as reflected on the invoice. After payment, Gloogal Market Group Ltd is issued with a Coffee warehouse Tittle referred to as (warrant) to show ownership transfer of the coffee to the dealer.

Our Vision:

To export large volumes of coffee from the region and beyond to international markets, sustain quality and help in reviving coffee farming in Kenya and the region as a viable business entity.

Business Goals & Objectives:

We are determined to be the best coffee dealers and merchants in the region and beyond, to promote unique coffees to the whole consumer world, to always provide our clients with the best quality, affordable coffee, and to guarantee quality to our clients under the guidance of our directors who have decades-long experience in the industry.

One of our main goals is to promote majority small-scale farmers by marketing their coffee and thereby creating a steady source of income for them.

Kenyan Green Robusta Coffee Beans

Kenyan Green Robusta Coffee Beans

Delivery available to importers warehouses worldwide
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Kenyan Green Arabica Coffee Beans

High Grade Green Arabica Coffee Beans

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Ethiopia Harrar Arabica Coffee Beans

Gloogal Market Group has a highly exhausted list of Kenyan and Ethiopian Coffee producers 

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