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Buy fresh Nile Perch fish fillets, responsibly sourced and prepared by a Frozen Food Traders, your specialist online fishmongers.  The Nile perch, also known as the African snook, Goliath perch, Giant lates or the Victoria perch, is a species of freshwaterfish in family Latidae of order Perciformes.


Frozen Nile Perch Fish Fillets

Quick Facts
Product name: Nile Perch
Quality: Fresh & Frozen - fillet
Storage (Fresh): Keep Chilled at 3 °C
Storage (Frozen): Keep Frozen at -18 °C

Price:  $2 - $5 per Kilogram

Supply Capasity:  50 - 300 tons

Packaging :  As per buyer's requst

Product Destination:  Kenya

Available Forms : Fillets and Full Size

Availability :  Fresh and Frozen

MOQ: 1000 Kilos

WhatsApp:  +254 771 499 629


A fierce predator that dominates its surroundings, the Nile perch feeds on fish (including its own species), crustaceans, and insects; the juveniles also feed on zooplankton.


Texture And Flavor

Nile Perch is mild flavored and has a moist, medium-firm texture. The big fillets and meaty texture reminds you of Grouper or Sea Bass. Raw fillets will have a pinkish, flesh-toned tint to them, but will cook up snow white.


A large-mouthed fish, the Nile perch is greenish or brownish above and silvery below and grows to about 1.8 m (6 feet) and 140 kg (300 pounds). It has an elongated body, a protruding lower jaw, a rounded tail, and two dorsal fins.

Invasive Species

The Nile perch is an invasive species. This means that the fish is not a natural part of the ecology of Lake Victoria. The lake's cichlids have no defense against the unfamiliar predator.

The Nile Perch is a giant freshwater fish that lives in Africa. It was first endemic to the Ethiopian regions of Africa but now it has been introduced to other areas as well. Its now farmed. The Nile perch will grow to a maximum length of 6 ft and is silver in colour with a blue tinge. The Omega 3 fatty acids it is said to supply in high quantities arguably have the effect of reducing cardiovascular disease in humans. plus has a high content of the essential fatty acids! A member of the Centropomidae family and a relative of snook and barramundi, the Nile perch 


Scientific name: Lates niloticus

Mass: 110 kg (Adult) Encyclopedia of Life

Family: Latidae

Conservation status: Least Concern Encyclopedia of Life

Higher classification: Lates

Found in: Lake Victoria, Lake Chad, White Nile, Lake Turkana,