With a flat knife cut open, remove the middle of the black seed, the black seed with the liquid boiled, so that the release of fragrance fragrance, the remaining pods can be made vanilla sugar, or grinding instead of vanilla use,

Here's the use of several pods I used
1.vanilla wine can be used to soak wine, and then wine to do baking seasoning, you can soak wine, brandy, etc., directly into the wine, the seal can be, shake every day can be about a month time.
2.vanilla sugar in the sugar, shake every day, a week can be. and tea can put a little, taste good, in fact, can replace the chemical flavor, healthy and no smell, a little chocolate flavor.
4. can be done vanilla ice cream..  

Hot Sale Product Vanilla Beans Wholesale

The following VANILLA-BEANS products are available for export:

Buying vanilla beans in large quantity will save you more money From Kenya, Germany or USA we offer the best selections of vanilla bean varieties from around the world. Vanilla manufacturer, Vanilla-Beans Wholesale Supplier, Vanilla beans Eporter

Grade AAA Wholesale Certificate Vanilla Beans sale  

Brand: oem
Place of Origin:   Kenya, Madagascar, USA
ingredient:  Seed
Average length:  
1.Grade AAA:20-22cm
2.Grade AA :16-19cm
3.Grade A :13-15cm
Package:  Vacuum or oil paper
Box:  Could provide
Grade:  Food grade

1. Vanilla-Beans, commonly known as a natural food spice

2. Production of Madagascar vanilla pods is about 59% of the world, is the world recognized the best quality of vanilla bean origin

3. Contains 150-170 kinds of aroma components and 17 kinds of essential amino acids

4. Is a kind of natural nourishing medicine, known as "
the king of the natural flavor"

5. After processing the finished product pod can be directly used to dry, also can be made into tinctures, concrete, oil, resin


Widely used in all kinds of advanced cigarette, wine, superfine tea, toiletries, senior clothing, is all kinds of cakes, cookies, candy, butter, coffee, cocoa, ice cream, ice cream and so on of high-grade food and beverage with the raw material


Method of storage: store in a ventilated dry place with temperature 18-23℃.

Supply type OBM/OEM/ODM/semi-manufactures
Price:  (FOB) USD $400 - $500/kg
Delivery Way:   Ship or Air
Shipment:   3-7 days after payment confirmed