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Grade A White Corn For Sale / Yellow Maize (Non GMO ),  Buy Yellow Corn/Maize For Human and Animal Consumption.

Yellow Corn For Animal Feed and Human Consumption

Dried Yellow Corn ( Maize ) 

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White Corn For Sale

Dried White Corn ( Maize )

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White Corn is dried whole-kernel corn, creamy white in color, and with a chewy, soft texture when cooked. Toasty, earthy-sweet flavor.

What's the difference between white corn and yellow corn?

By Tony Muanji posted September 06, 2020

The greatest difference between yellow corn and white corn is the color, and to some degree, the taste. White corn produces sweet white kernels while yellow corn kernels have a hue that can be pale to dark yellow. ... However, sweetness is actually determined by the variety of corn.

Yellow Corn

Yellow corn is a variety of sweet corn. Its ears are wrapped in tightly bound lime hued husks with silks and a tassel that extend out from the tip. The yellow kernels are packed in tight almost uniform rows. A single ear of corn can contain up to 400 kernels.


Scientists believe people living in central Mexico developed corn at least 7000 years ago. It was started from a wild grass called teosinte. Teosinte looked very different from our corn today. The kernels were small and were not placed close together like kernels on the husked ear of modern corn.

Nutritional value

Highly Nutritious

One cup (164 grams) of sweet yellow corn contains (5): Calories: 177 calories. Carbs: 41 grams. Protein: 5.4 grams.


Here are the nutrition facts for 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of boiled yellow corn ( 1 ): Calories: 96. Water: 73% Protein: 3.4 grams.


Yellow sh2

Extra Early Super Sweet, 67 days.

Takeoff, 69 days.

Early Xtra Sweet, 70 days (1971 AAS winner)

Summer Sweet Yellow, 74 days.

Krispy King, 78 days.

Garrison, 79 days.

Challenger, 80 days.

Passion, 81 days.

White Corn/Maize

White corn is considered to be a grain, a fruit, and a vegetable. Originating from a dry seed that comes from the grass family, it is considered a grain, but because it is harvested before maturity, it is also a vegetable; and because corn is the seed-bearing part of a flowering plant, it's a fruit.

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