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Cashew Nuts ww320 for sale

Cashew Nuts ww320 For Export

Raw Cashew Nuts
Size: WW320
Moisture: 2% max
Broken: 2% Max,
Foreign matter: 0.1% max
Color: Light ash,yellow
Oil Contents: 42-48 %
Processing Type: Raw
MOQ:  5/MT
Supply Ability:  400 Metric Tons / Month
Payment Methods: T/T, WU, MG, Bitcoin
Packaging Detail: 1 x 50 Lbs = 22.68 kgs net plastic bag/carton, - 700 cartons/fcl
Loading: 20FCL Capacity: 15.876 M/T

About Our Cashew Nuts for sale

Every care is taken to ensure only good quality product is purchased by our qualified buyers. Farmgate is committed to fair trading practices and will always ensure that farmers are treated fairly. We are currently awaiting full certification as a Fair Trade buyer.

Specifications for Cashew Kernels

1.General Characteristics: Cashew Kernels have been obtained through roasting, shelling and peeling. (Anacardium occidentale L.)

2.Remarks: Kernels supplied by our company will undergo a quality check and we will ensure that product supplied will be completely free from infestation, insect damage, mold rancidity, adhering testa and objectionable extraneous matter. Some scraped and partially shriveled kernels will be present but the scraping/shriveling will not affect the characteristic or shape of the kernel.

3.Packing: All our nuts are vacuum packed gas flushed in approved foil bags and then packed into our sturdy white cartons. Our standard packaging is 50lb or 22.68kgs