Sulfur coated urea fertilizer(SCU)

Sulphur Coated Urea Supplier, Sulphur Coated Urea for Sale, ... S.C.U which stands for sulphur coated urea is a fertilizer that is produced--Controlled release time from 30 days to 180 days. 


Sulfur coated urea fertilizer

Sulfur coated urea is a kind of controlled and slow release fertilizer, it contains higher nitrogen and sulfur nutrients.
It has a productivity of 100000 tons of sulfur-coated urea.

NDFY SCU has more advantages in slow and controlled release and economical use than other SCU urea.

The appearance of SCU particles looks uniform and smooth.
The outer coating of the fertilizer is durable and consistent.

The nitrogen slow release characteristics of SCU can be controlled according to the requirement of crops.

Products advantage

High utilization rate

The use of controlled release fertilizers decreases nutrient losses and enhances nutrient use efficiency (NUE). A decrease of 20 to 30% (or more) of the recommended application rate of a conventional fertilizer is possible when applying controlled-release fertilizers while maintaining the same yield.

Time saving and labor saving

One-time fertilization is enough for the whole growth period, does not require repeated fertilization in different period.

High granule uniformity

A unique screening system is adopted, large urea granules are subjected to secondary screening, only granules with the granularity of 2.0-4.75mm are remained, the granule uniformity is high, and control-release effect is stable.

Capacity of performing anti-floating treatment

Product used in paddy field can be subjected to anti-floating treatment, and fertilizer flotation ratio can be reduced from 15% to 0% by using high-efficiency and environmental-friendly anti-floating technology.

Longer controlled release period

Controlled release period of resin coated urea products is 2 months generally, and by adjusting formula of film material, the controlled release period can be prolonged to 3-6 months under the same coated rate.

                                                                                                                         Products features

Continuous and controlled supply of Nitrogen

The special Nitrogen-regular mode of Nongda PSCU will provide a continuous and controlled supply of nitrogen for the period while practically avoiding leaching or volatilization of nutrients.

Environmentally friendly

Practically no leaching or volatilization of nutrients, organic-based polymer coating degrades naturally and safe in time. Nitrogen slow release characteristics fit for target crops in different growth stages. It’s healthy and stress-free for plant development and food safety.

Highly efficient and economical

Apply only once in the crop growing season and gain significant savings in labor cost and time. Lower transportation and warehousing costs. Less fertilizer necessary to achieve optimum results.

Sulfur-containing and good for crops

Sulfur is essential for improving the crops’ quality and resistance. The interaction of sulfur and nitrogen could decrease nitrate contents of crops and improve quality.


Sulfur coated urea can be used on all kinds of crops and vegetable plants, replace of the conventional urea to save the cost and time.

Sulfur coated urea also can be used to process the bulk blended NPK fertilizer.