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Polymer coated urea fertilizer(PCU) For Sale

Polymer-coated urea, also called plastic-coated urea, or PCU, fertilizers can permit a more precise rate of nitrogen release than sulfur-coated urea products for sale. --Control  nitrogen release time from 30 days to 180 days. 


Polymer coated urea fertilizer PCU For Sale

Polymer coated urea PCU is a kind of controlled and slow release fertilizer.

NDFY focus on this new type of fertilizer for more than 10 years and use the industry’s advanced self-developed degraded polymer materials and unique process to produce the polymer coated urea granular.

PCU contains higher nitrogen 43%-45%, polymer technical help control the nitrogen release time from 30 days to 180 days, reduce nitrogen leaching and improve the uptake efficiency to save cost and labor, reduce the top dressing times and improve yield.

PCU is a perfect fertilizer to replace the traditional 46% Urea to help farms improve yield.


                                                                                                                  Products features

Degradable high-tech coating materials, continuously controlled supply of Nitrogen

The 5th generation coating is easily degradable and high-tech, special nitrogen-regular mode, providing a continuous and controlled supply of nitrogen with typical “S” release curve. Nitrogen slow release characteristics fit for target crops in different growth stages

Higher Nitrogen content and Longer release longevity

The thin, durable and consistent coating makes the product higher nitrogen content. And the PCU is good for producing kinds of BB fertilizers for different crops. The more consistent, durable coating means more gradual, long-lasting release.

Environmentally friendly

The producing process of PCU is clean and the coating degrades naturally and safe in time. It was solvent-free in the processing line. The product quality was stable controlled. It’s healthy and stress-free for plant development and food safety. While using PCU practically avoid leaching or volatilization of nutrients. After the release is complete, the coating will degrade gradually, leaving no residues in the soil.

Highly efficient and economical

Apply only once and gain significant savings in labor cost and time. Lower transportation and warehousing costs. Less fertilizer necessary to achieve optimum results.

                                                                                                                         Products features

High utilization rate

The use of controlled release fertilizers decreases nutrient losses and enhances nutrient use efficiency (NUE). A decrease of 20 to 30% (or more) of the recommended application rate of a conventional fertilizer is possible when applying controlled-release fertilizers while maintaining the same yield.

Time saving and labor saving

One-time fertilization is enough for the whole growth period, does not require repeated fertilization in different period.

High granule uniformity

A unique screening system is adopted, large urea granules are subjected to secondary screening, only granules with the granularity of 2.0-4.75mm are remained, the granule uniformity is high, and control-release effect is stable.

Capacity of performing anti-floating treatment

Product used in paddy field can be subjected to anti-floating treatment, and fertilizer flotation ratio can be reduced from 15% to 0% by using high-efficiency and environmental-friendly anti-floating technology.

Longer controlled release period

Controlled release period of resin coated urea products is 2 months generally, and by adjusting formula of film material, the controlled release period can be prolonged to 3-6 months under the same coated rate.


Controlled release urea can be used on any crops which need nitrogen, such as wheat, maize, rice, and other crops to replace of the conventional urea.