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Dried SeaHorse & Dried Sea Cucumber / Dried Fish Maw

We are involved in the supply of dried sea horse and other sea food products like dried Octopus, dried fish, dried sea cucumber, dried shark fins and dried fish maw. These products are well dried and we use no chemicals drying them, so they are naturally dried ( Sun Dried ).

we have varieties of sea cucumber and fish maw. customers should always specify what they want and their location so CIF prices can be quoted. Our products are supplied by air freight.

Contact:  /  Skype ID: gloogalmarket    /   Whatsapp: +254 774743476 

We are exporting to China, Japan, Korea and Canada, with high quality & the best price of the market. Come to us, you will save much cost, you do not need to ask via any trading company, you will be guaranteed about quality of product, because we are the producer and the exporter of the dried fish maw.c



High Quality Dried Sea Horse For Sale Cheap

Size: 12 - 15c
Weight: 3.5 g
Qty / kg: 285 - 305 pieces
Shipment from USA
Minimum Order Quantity: 100kg
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Dried Fish Maw, Dried Shark Fins, Dried Sea Cucumber, Dried Shrimp, Dried Sea Limpets, Dried Abalone, Amber Stones and Cow Gallstones.

Product:  Dried Sea Cucumber - LATIN: Patallus
Mollis, (pepino negro del PerĂº)
Shipment from:  USA  or GERMANY
Packing: 5Kgs Poly bags and 20 Kg carton Box. 22,000 kg
Moisture Max: 5 %.